Collection: Lonely Balls

Spice up the aromas of your adventures with our range of Lonely Balls. We believe in finding your path, pushing boundaries, and embracing life's journey. When it is time for you to roam and live in the moment, freshen up your ride and ensure you are road trip ready with our reusable air fresheners

These road trip essentials are made up of sustainably sourced wool, coated in the fragrance oil of your liking, to fill your car with the sweetest of scents. Your car should be the embodiment of you, so let your personality shine through with our sustainable air fresheners.

The best part is that you control the intensity of your smelly balls. Just whip out the fragrance oil and lather them up as much as you like. Each set is Aussie and assembled by our amazing team in Burleigh Heads.

Our Lonely balls are responsibly made, and we make sure they look and smell good, so you will feel good about them. At Smelly Balls, we are more than a funny name. We ensure that our materials are sourced without cruelty by committing to fair trade with our Nepalese women workforce, who handmake our wool felt balls. 

With free shipping in Australia over $45, pick up your Lonely Balls today!