The Reusable Car Air Freshener + Ultimate Road Trip Essential!

Are you over car fresheners that die after 30 days? Smelly Balls is a sustainable reusable car air freshener that looks good, smells good, and makes you feel good about using it!

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Smelly Balls, are our car air fresheners that keep your ride smelling fresh and clean. Our reusable air fresheners can be hung in your car, and when they need a little extra kick, whip out your fragrance oil and lather them as much as you like.

Smelly Balls are custom air fresheners, giving you the ability to control the intensity of the car fragrance to suit your precious nose!

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    Our car air fresheners are made to be reused again and again


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    All our products are designed and assembled in Australia


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Close up of and Alpaca's face and it's eyes are covered with fur

More than a funny name and some sweet, sweet scents, behind the scenes at Smelly Balls

Our car fresheners are not only the best in terms of fragrance and customisability, but they are made with the highest standards of sustainability and fair trade practices. We work with a team of incredible women in Nepal who are dedicated to breaking down generational barriers and creating a better future for themselves and their families.

By supporting the best car air freshener, you are also contributing to a positive global impact. Our Nepalese women workforce provide us with cruelty-free, sustainably sourced wool that is used to make our Smelly Balls.

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