The Reusable Air Freshener + Ultimate Road Trip Essential!

Are you over car fresheners that die after 30 days? Smelly Balls is a sustainable reusable air freshener that looks good, smells good, and makes you feel good about using it!

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Welcome to your all-in-one shop in helping to support sustainability whilst smelling... 

Fragrance Oils

Fragrance Oils

It’s time to freshen up your car, have some scents! Luckily for... 



Our Smelly Balls premium quality, road trip essential apparel is here! sustainably... 

VW Combi Van White and Beige with the windows open and smelly balls reusable air freshener


In a ‘nut’ shell, they are reusable air freshener balls that hang in your car* that make it smell great. When they need a little freshen’ up – whip out the Fragrance Oil and top them up!

The best thing about them is, not only do you get to choose the fragrance separately, but you get to control the intensity of it – to suit your precious nose!

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    Our products are carefully handmade with love

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    Our car air fresheners are made to be reused again and again

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    All our products our designed and assembled in Australia

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    When you spend over $45 or more online in Australia

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More than a funny name and some sweet, sweet scents, behind the scenes at Smelly Balls

There is a worldwide operation underway to ensure your favourite kind of smelly balls are made of the highest quality while also doing a little good for the world! We work with some amazing badass women that are breaking down generational barriers and creating a new, improved life for themselves. We pride ourselves on committing to fair trade and ensuring our Nepalese women workforce are provided with a safe and nurturing environment. They provide us with our cruetly free sustainably sourced wool.