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Trippin’ Balls

So, “what are Smelly Balls”? we hear you ask (and most often, with a slightly confused look on your face)

In a ‘nut’ shell they are balls that hang in your car* that make it smell great.
When they need a little freshen’ up – whip out the Fragrance Oil and top them up!


Smelly. Balls.

The best thing about them is, not only do you get to choose the fragrance separately, but get to control the intensity of it – to suit your own precious nose!

*can be used to scent any small space… think camper/wardrobe/tent  About Us 

How To:

Step 1

Gently grab your unscented balls,
prepare a covered surface.

Step 2

Locate your Smelly Balls Fragrance Oil.

Take off his top.

Step 3

Drop desired amount of Oil
onto your Balls.

Don’t be shy.

Step 4

Let your Smelly Balls
hang with pride.

Allow to swing freely!



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