Sustainable Xmas Gifts Perfect For The Holiday Season

Bloody hell - the holiday season is already fast approaching, you don’t want to be on the naughty list do you? 

Gift your loved ones sustainable xmas gifts and road trip accessories that they will use all Summer… and beyond.

Smelly Balls are all about looking good, smelling good and making you feel good about using our products. So, explore our list of sustainable xmas gifts that are road trip essentials.

Reusable Air Freshener Sets

Whilst smelling their best on the road, our all-in-one Sets help support sustainability - using an air freshener made with responsibly sourced wool from Nepal. Through your support we give back to the fabulous Nepalese ladies by helping create a new and improved life for themselves and their families. 

Check out our latest Sets we’ve created - perfect for the festivities to come. 

Evoking the festive side of the Northern Hemisphere - our new Midnight Frost Set is reminiscent of a starry midnight sky.

They can embrace the spirit of Summer encapsulated by the Citrus Springs Set - full of bright citrus colours to help them feel happy no matter where they go.

Pair them perfectly with the Orchard Eve Fragrance Oil.

A rejuvenating fragrance oil featuring subtle notes of citrus, bergamot and orchard apples to round out a blend that provides a refreshing burst of fruity scents to put the mind at ease. 

Summer Apparel

Everyone needs to freshen up their wardrobe over summer - especially adding new tees to their rotation. Smelly Balls has everyone covered, with premium quality tees that are sustainably made with 100% combed cotton - a road trip essential for summer drives.

Unisex Basic Tee - Salty White

Also available in the following colourways:

Pine Green

Eucalypt Green 


Unisex Trippin’ Balls Tee - Pine Green


Also available in the following colourways:

Salty White

Eucalypt Green

But this is just a tees - we have more apparel to show you.


Road Trip Accessories

If you’re in need of a versatile gift that will be enjoyed past the holiday season - we have various road trip accessories to choose from. Learn more about the Best Car Accessories For The Australian Summer 2022/23.

If they love the outdoors, look no further than our Native Trees Candle - a 280g tub of hand-poured pure soy wax with a 70 hour burn-time to be used at home or on the road.

The fragrance draws from natural scents of Australian flora such as Pine, Eucalyptus, Wattle and Woolly Bush to always leave an energising aroma. 
(This one is on sale now - so get in quick).

And To Wrap It Up...

Spread the holiday cheer, and inspire your loved ones’ next adventure by giving them our Amazeball Christmas Card too! 

Our cards are the perfect addition to your sustainable xmas gift, topping off your amazing present by putting a smile on everyone’s face.
Smelly Balls offer free shipping when you spend $45 or more. Start crossing off your gift list today!
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