Best Car Accessories For The Australian Summer 2022/23

Picture this - it’s a hot summer day, and your car has been parked in the sun for several hours. As you open the door you already know the heat wave that you’re about to step into, and the burning seat belt buckle that you’ll inevitably touch. 

We’ve all been there…

Now instead, imagine stepping into a thick aroma of your favourite fragrance - we can’t get rid of the heat for you, but we have the best car accessories that will replace the summer stench that your car creates.

How does that sound? Check out the best car accessories you’ll need this summer - have a browse below.

Best Car Freshener

Summertime is all about exploring, road tripping with loved ones, and living in the moment - so, make sure that you have an air freshener that will keep your ride fresh, and last longer than the journey ahead.

Look no further than our Lonely Balls.

It’s more than just a funny name, these are reusable air fresheners that are responsibly made from sustainably sourced wool felt balls. 

This is the best car freshener due to the diverse colourways, and customisable fragrances that give you the choice of expression. When you accessorise your car it should showcase who you are. Let your personality shine through. 

Here’s just some of our balls for you to choose from - they best encapsulate the summer serenity. 


The best part is that you control the intensity of your air freshener. Pair your balls with a fragrance oil of your choice to truly make it yours! We’ll talk about them next.

Best Car Scents

Smelly Balls’ collection of fragrance oils allow you to choose, refill, or switch up scents whenever you want.

Our fragrance oils come in 15mL glass vials that have rubber removable dropper control to allow for easy application. 

To create the best car freshener, simply lather your unscented lonely balls with the best car scent from our collection. Then, your ride will be ready for summertime.

Not sure what fragrance to choose? To get started, learn about Australians Favourite Car Freshener Scents in 2022.

Best Car Accessories

Now that you’ve completed your set of Smelly Balls, here’s a few more accessories you can add to your car to make it really stand out on the road. Your ride deserves all the love it needs this summer, and travel essentials come in all shapes and sizes. 

Travel Candle - Native Trees Fragrance

With our neat, 280g of hand-poured pure soy wax - you can bring our Native Trees fragrance with you on countless journeys, or bring it back into your home to enjoy. 

If you love the outdoors, you’ll definitely love our Native Trees Candle - drawing from natural scents of Australian flora such as Pine, Eucalyptus, Wattle and Woolly Bush to always leave you fresh and energised. 

With a 70-hour burn time, this is a versatile car accessory that you can take anywhere.

It’s on sale right now for 30% off! 

Car Sticker - #ihavesmellyballs

If you’ve got this far, there is no shame in joining the Smelly Balls crew. Add this cheeky accessory to your car and join us in making everyone laugh on the road with our #ihavesmellyballs car stickers.

Our stickers are built for summer. They are UV resistant, waterproof gloss bumper stickers - ready for you to slap on to any part of your car. 

Don’t miss out on all of our summer essentials, explore the complete Smelly Balls collection today. We’ll see you on the road.

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