Five Iconic Road Trips and our Top Travel Essentials Tips

Whether you’re exploring rugged coastlines, serene beaches, or dramatic outback landscapes, taking the right holiday travel essentials makes sure the trip is as enjoyable as the destination.

Let’s look at five iconic road trips and our top travel essentials tips.

Photo by Flavien on Unsplash

Great Ocean Road, Victoria

With breathtaking views of cliffs, rock formations, and lush rainforests, you can enjoy popular seaside towns, secluded beaches, hike along verdant trails, or do them all!

Personalised Car Air Freshener: Seapink Smelly Balls inspired by coastal sunrise vibes will have you reminiscing about a pastel pink ocean sunrise.

Luxury Fragrance Oil: Coastal Drift - A fresh and invigorating fragrance for those who love the beach, sand, sun, and surf and live for refreshing dips in the ocean.

Travel essentials clothing: Stay comfortable and stylish with lightweight, breathable clothing. Layer with our pure cotton singlets and tees and oversized crews for when the sea breeze blows in a chill.


Photo by Izzie Bergin

Tasmanian Loop, Tasmania

This loop covers rugged coastlines, serene beaches and Cradle Mountain, a breathtaking natural wonder known for its dramatic peaks and pristine glacial lakes.

Personalised Car Air Freshener: Our Serene Balls represent rainforest, bush ambience, driving through green nature, and feeling at ease.

Luxury Fragrance Oil: Native Trees drawing from the fresh, natural scents of Australian flora is perfect for those who want to smell like the Australian wilderness.

Travel essentials clothing: Pack layers for Tasmania’s variable weather. Our Trippin' Balls Hoodie will keep you cosy and warm, when the weather turns cool.


Photo by Rachel Claire

The Savannah Way, Queensland to Northern Territory

Stretching from Cairns to Broome and traversing stunning landscapes, from lush rainforests and waterfalls to the vast, rugged outback and striking red escarpments.

Personalised Car Air Freshener: Rustic Balls will transport you to a harmonious blend of past and present with soft pinks, warm oranges, and deep rust tones.

Luxury Fragrance Oil: Immerse yourself in the zesty embrace of Citrus Oasis, with a hint of amber for depth, making it a truly delightful journey.

Travel essentials clothing: Durable and breathable layers are key. Check out our lightweight singlets, midweight tees and heavyweight crews and hoodies.


Photo by Bailey Rytenskild on Unsplash 

Pacific Coast Touring Route, New South Wales to Queensland

Scenic route from Sydney to Brisbane follows the stunning eastern coastline, showcasing pristine beaches, charming seaside towns, lush hinterlands, and iconic landmarks.

Personalised Car Air Freshener: Sunseeker Smelly Balls will transport you to a balmy summer sunset drive with palm trees swaying in the warm evening sun.

Luxury Fragrance Oil: Sunbeam a blend of blissful bamboo, coconut water, and lively lime captures carefree afternoons.

Travel essentials clothing: Lightweight and breathable fabrics will keep you comfortable. Layer with our lightweight singlets, midweight tees and heavyweight hoodies for a chill sea breeze.


Photo by Corey Serravite on Unsplash

The Coral Coast, Western Australia

A breathtaking journey through Western Australia's coastal wonders, pristine beaches, coral reefs, and unique natural attractions.

Personalised Car Air Freshener: Sunglo Balls inspired by driving at sundown represent a sunset glow and the Aussie bush.

Luxury Fragrance Oil: Sweet, fruity, warm Honeysuckle conjures up images of warm summer days and travel adventures.

Travel essentials clothing: Pack swimwear, a sun hat, and layer with our breathable lightweight singlets, midweight tees, and heavyweight crews for cooler evenings.

No matter where your road trip takes you, having the right travel essentials can enhance your experience. Prepare for your journey with the best-smelling car fresheners and travel essential clothing.

Ready to hit the road? Explore these top destinations with Smelly Balls and elevate your travel experience with our high quality fragrance oils.
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