Breathing New Life Into a 1982 Land Rover Series 3 With Kendall and Glenn

Meet Kendall and Glenn: Adventure Enthusiasts and Road Trip Lovers.

Kendall and Glenn, an Australian/American couple, explore Australia in Nigel, their 1982 Land Rover Series 3. Their adventure began in January 2020 when they left Coffs Harbour, headed north and never looked back. Before Nigel, they travelled in Vance, their self-converted 1982 VW T3 van, for two years. Passionate about life on the road, they embrace every moment. From coastlines to outback gems, they showcase Australia from their tiny home on wheels, sharing their experiences and inspiring others to embark on their own road trip journeys.


Episode 1: Rebuilding a Land Rover Series 3 Engine with ZERO Experience

Kendall and Glenn, seasoned road-trippers and van lifers, have embarked on an ambitious journey—rebuilding Nigel's engine from start to finish. With high hopes and meticulous planning, they set out to document every step of the process, providing a detailed guide on how to breathe new life into a trusty vehicle. Everything was going smoothly until a very, very big hiccup threw a complete spanner in the works.


Episode 2: Tearing Apart Their Home on Wheels

As the saga continued, Kendall and Glenn took on the monumental task of removing Nigel's engine and disassembling the entire front end for a repaint. This mammoth task marked just the beginning of their journey. Despite the challenges, they looked forward to hitting the road again soon.


Episode 3: DIY Land Rover Series Restoration

Determined to tackle every aspect of the rebuild, Kendall and Glenn decided to take a break from the engine work and focus on repainting Nigel's panels. Quoted $10,000 for a professional paint job, they chose to do it themselves. Using primer and paint from BCS Auto Paints, they recommended the products highly.


Episode 4: Unexpected Dashboard Hurdle

In this episode, Kendall and Glenn encounter a big hurdle. Upon removing Nigel's dashboard, they discovered it was completely warped and rusted. This unexpected issue added another task to their growing list, proving that surprises are always part of the package when dealing with old cars.


Episode 5: Biting Off More Than They Can Chew

What started as a 'simple' engine rebuild and new paint job turned into an endless to-do list for Kendall and Glenn. New tasks and challenges continued to pop up, making them long for the day they could be back on the road again.


Episode 6: Half of Their Home on Wheels is GONE

Continuing their restoration, Kendall and Glenn found themselves taking apart their old home on wheels while simultaneously putting the engine back together. With lots of moving parts, they were on the home stretch, hoping to finish the restoration soon.


Episode 7: Time to Put the Engine Back In

As they prepared to get Nigel back on the road, Kendall and Glenn painted the back half of the Land Rover and reinstalled the gearbox and engine. Nerves were high, but their determination remained strong.


Episode 8: Everything was Going REALLY Well, or so They Thought

Making significant progress, Kendall and Glenn saw Nigel's face appear again. However, their optimism was soon challenged by what might be their worst issue yet. This episode was a rollercoaster of emotions as they faced another setback.


Episode 9: Packing EVERYTHING into Their 24 sq ft Home on Wheels

With the restoration nearing completion, Kendall and Glenn packed their entire lives into the back of Nigel, preparing for life on the road once more. They also readied everything for the engine's first start, with nerves running high.


Episode 10: Will It Start?

The moment of truth arrived. After weeks of hard work and anticipation, Kendall and Glenn were finally back on the road. They shared their excitement as they transitioned from filming in a driveway and garage to exploring new adventures. Nigel was back, and so were they!

Follow Kendall and Glenn's journey as they tackle each challenge with resilience and passion. Catch the full episodes on their YouTube channel and stay updated on their adventures on Instagram:

Check out the rest of their YouTube Channel for inspirational Destination Videos, Van Life Tips and their short film Shaping Dreams. 


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