Australians Favourite Car Freshener Scents in 2022

Are you over car fresheners that die after 30 days?

If there’s one thing Australians know, it’s that your car emits odours all year long. Sometimes, cleaning your car is just not enough. The best solution for all Aussies is to invest in an air freshener for their ride - but with so many fragrances, sizes and styles, what Australian air freshener is best?

Don’t worry, we’re gonna let you know what to look for (other than those little trees).

A couple smiling with Smelly Balls Reusable air freshener in a Toyota Land Cruiser

Air Freshener Checklist:

Clean Car

A regular air freshener won’t get rid of all bad smells, they mask it. First, you need to ensure any lingering odour problems are gone. The last thing you want is to mix a lovely fragrance with a horrible stench.


You want your air freshener to be durable - able to cope with the Australian climate, and the aussies driving the car. So, an Australian air freshener must be made of materials that can hold a scent, and its shape for an extended period of time.

The quality of the material needs to be the best in the business. Our research found that sustainably sourced wool / felt creates not only a durable, functionable air freshener - but also supports the environment.


For the best value, you should seek Australian owned, and made products. Domestic products will ship faster, and embody the essence of Australia’s natural fragrances. One thing all Australians can relate to is the abundance of sunshine and nature to explore across the vast country. 

So, to truly tap into the Australian lifestyle, choose a fragrance that takes you back to those road trips and adventures - not only providing product value, but emotional value too!

Long-Lasting Fragrance

Most importantly, you want an air freshener that will fill your car up with a long-lasting aroma. Sure, you could keep buying cheap car fresheners at the servo - but this isn’t a sustainable option.

Australians who want long-lasting scents don’t just purchase an air freshener for their car, but also Australian fragrance oils. This option is a favourite because it gives them the ability to customise the fragrance, and apply as much as they need whenever they please.


Now you know what to look for when browsing the next addition to your ride… 

Or, Just Shop the Favourites from Smelly Balls Collection.

Our Customer Love These Australian Fragrance Oils

Coconut air freshener: Coconut + Lime Fragrance Oil

Tobacco vanilla air freshener: Tobacco Vanilla Fragrance Oil

Trees air freshener: Native Trees Fragrance


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