Why We Use Wool

why we use wool


It’s Biodegradable

As part of the natural carbon cycle, wool is made from renewable atmospheric carbon. This means that when it’s thrown out, its nutrients act as a fertiliser by slowly releasing carbon back into the soil. Unlike plastic air fresheners, wool can be discarded without causing harm to the environment or contributing to landfill.

biodegradable wool 

It’s Cruelty-Free

Our supplier has cruelty-free practices in place across their entire production line, starting from the sheep they source their wool from in the New Zealand countryside. Cruelty-free means that the wool is harvested from sheep humanely and that the animals have good living conditions. However, cruelty-free refers not only to the animals but to the well-being of the staff working on the farms and in factories.

Cruelty free wool

It’s Renewable

Compared to artificial fabrics, wool takes significantly fewer resources to produce. It’s considered to have low embedded energy, which refers to the energy required to produce it. But most important, it’s a natural material that can be produced all year round.

renewable wool

It’s High Quality

Wool is highly valued for its durability in the fashion world and beyond (in this case, air fresheners!). The fibres are tough, yet soft, which makes them the ideal material for a variety of purposes. Because of its durability, wool products need to be replaced less often, creating less waste and using less energy!

high quality wool

It Traps Scent

The same properties that trap body odour in clothes also trap the scent of the oils in our air fresheners! Compared to a regular air freshener that loses its scent after a few days, the wool in Smelly Balls holds the scent for much longer.

wool reusable air freshener

It Doesn't Contribute to Microplastic Pollution

Polyesters and other artificial fabrics shed microplastics that are harmful to our planet and oceans. They also contribute to landfill and are harmful to produce.

pollution free

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