How is Smelly Balls Different Than Traditional Car Fresheners?

There are several choices on the market for keeping the interior of your car smelling good. While conventional air fresheners have long been a popular option, essential oil vehicle fresheners have lately gained popularity. To assist you in making an educated choice, we will compare air fresheners with Smelly Balls's essential oil vehicle freshener in this article.

For decades, the standard method for getting rid of odours in automobiles has been air fresheners. They are widely accessible, reasonably priced, and have many different scents. Air fresheners provide a variety of possibilities to suit individual preferences, ranging from the traditional pine and lavender aromas to more unusual selections like ocean breeze and new vehicle scent. However, some synthetic chemicals used in air fresheners have the potential to emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air, which can be dangerous if ingested for an extended length of time. People who are allergic to artificial perfumes or those looking for natural alternatives may find this to be an issue. In addition, while the aroma of air fresheners may be powerful at first, it usually fades fast, necessitating repeated replacements to maintain the desired degree of freshness.

Smelly Balls: A Sustainable Alternative

Smelly Balls is made from premium high-grade Australian-made perfumery ingredients with some essential oils mixes, which provide a variety of aromas with medicinal advantages, Smelly Balls car freshener taps into the power of nature. There are alternatives to suit different tastes and moods, from peaceful lavender and energising citrous smells to fresh  peppermint and soothing coastal scents. Additionally, Smelly Balls has a long-lasting aroma that can easily be topped up every time you need a refresh. Compared to traditional air fresheners, Smelly Balls perfumery oil have a stronger aroma that last longer. The amount of refills required may be minimised by using a few drops to create a scent that lasts for weeks.

Furthermore, health considerations is an important factor onto our product, the fragrance oil are known for their potential therapeutic properties, such as relaxation, stress relief, and mental clarity. Smelly Balls's car freshener allows you to experience these benefits during your journeys.

Discover more on our reusable car freshener at Smelly Balls, for both sustainable and quality in our products to brighten up your daily car journey! 

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