5 Winter Campfire Recipes

Campfires are the best, right? But what's better is sitting around a warm campfire eating delicious food! Here are some yummy meal ideas that will keep you warm and satisfied for your Winter camping trip.


Dutch oven on campfire + Minestrone Soup



When it comes to winter camping food, nothing is more comforting than a hearty bowl of soup. Minestrone soup is a classic and delicious choice for your camping menu. This hearty soup is full of beans, veggies, and pasta to keep you full and warm. Plus, it can be served as a hearty meal with crusty bread, or it can be served as a smaller appetiser to share with the group by the fire. 

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Dutch oven with piece of wood in handle + jacket potato in foil  



If you’re looking for a hearty, warm dish to keep you full while camping, a jacket potato is the perfect choice. You can bring along a load of different toppings to satisfy everyones taste. Simply wrap up your potatoes and chuck them in your campfire coals. Just don't forget the alfoil or you'll be having some very ashy potatoes for tea!

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campfire + pasta



What is better than pasta? A one-pot-pasta! it's a delicious, warm meal to keep you toasty on those chilly camping nights and a great choice for camping, as it saves time and clean up once you’re done. 

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Chickpea Curry + Kitchen of a caravan



It’s no secret that curries are some of the most delicious and warming dishes on the planet. Chickpea curry is sure to warm you up from the inside out this winter camping season. It’s also a great dish for long camping trips as you can use non-perishable foods like canned chickpeas, canned coconut milk and jarred curry paste. 

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Foil pn campfire +  pizza damper


PIZZA DAMPER                                  

Did you really go camping during winter if you didn't cook a damper in your campfire coals? Try something new this trip and make a pizza damper. Simply make a traditional damper dough, and then chuck in a few of your favourite pizza toppings! We recommend olives, fetta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and salami! 

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