5 Van Life Tips

Van Life Tips - Be Flexible


Don’t over plan too much. Things always change, places pop up, things go wrong, things go right, just roll with it and see where the adventure takes you. You’ll probably end up finding an amazing spot you feel connected to and won’t wanna leave for a few days. Who knows, just appreciate everything along the way. 


Follow the sun


If things don’t work out or the weather changes, don’t be afraid to bail on that plan and chase the good weather. The weather can change a lot within even just an hours drive, check the weather and move on if need be, most things are more enjoyable with the sun on your side, and no one likes a damp van.


Van Life Tips - Keep Moving


Although it can be easy to settle into holiday mode, it’s important to keep active to keep your energy and endorphins high, especially after a long drive. Maybe even do a free gym trial or go for a swim at the local swimming pool and make use of the facilities and showers so you can feel refreshed and clean after days on the road. 


Van Life Tips - Wiki Camps


Download wiki camps! And any other useful maps that you can use offline. These are super useful if you feel like finding a last-minute campsite, toilet stops or need to navigate somewhere you know you won’t have a signal. Just make sure you download the content you need before you set off. 


Van Life Tips - Eat Well


Eat well, and always make sure you have enough water at all times. Eating well doesn’t have to be expensive and can be done very cheap by getting the right veggies, fruits and grains! We all feel better when we are eating well and are hydrated, make sure you always have enough food, snacks, water and even a few electrolyte tablets for those extra hot days.

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