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Smelly Balls is

More than a funny name

More than a funny name and some sweet, sweet scents, behind the scenes at Smelly Balls, there is a world-wide operation underway to ensure your favourite kind of smelly balls are made of the highest quality, while also doing a little good for the world! It was then that Smelly Balls reusable air freshener was born!

When we started Smelly Balls, there were a few things that were important to us…

The company name would be hard to forget.

The quality of the balls has to be the best in the business.

The company would empower women and make an impact on the world around her.

Car Freshener

Australian owned + made

Based in the beautiful, Burleigh Heads QLD – the ‘outdoor life’ is how we roll – exploring + road tripping is a big part of that lifestyle…

The Smelly Balls journey began in the Summer of 2013 – created by Gold Coast local of 20 + years, Georgina Townley. Deciding there was a need for a product to scent your car that was just a little bit more fun and effective than anything else available.

It was then that Smelly Balls crew was born. All products are designed and made in Australia by our amazing team here in Burleigh Heads!

Car Freshener
Road Trip

Sustainably sourced wool

While doing our research on all of the above topics, we stumbled upon Nepalese felt and some fabulous ladies that are not only incredibly talented, but they’re badass women that are breaking down generational barriers and creating a new and improved life for themselves and their families! Consider us SOLD!

Using felt to make our balls was an easy choice as not only is it SUPER pretty to look at and feel, it’s also eco-friendly meaning you’ve got yourself a sustainable air freshener that will look good, smell good, and make you feel good about using it! And the big bonus in using felt from Nepal specifically is that it’s completely cruelty-free, so there’s really no downside!

We pride ourselves on committing to fair trade and ensuring that these women are provided a safe and nurturing environment.

Car Freshener

Not limited to 4 wheels

Smelly Balls reusable car freshener can be used to scent any small space… think car air freshener – camper/wardrobe/tent. Take them on all kinds of adventures or keep them in your home. Smelly Balls make the perfect gift for everyone!

How to use our reusable air freshener

Illustration Of The Road Trip Essential

Step one

Gently grab your unscented balls & prepare a covered surface.

Step two

Drop the desired amount of oil onto your balls. Don’t be shy. 

Illustration Of Reusable Air Freshener Balls

Step three

Let your Smelly Balls hang with pride. Allow to swing freely!

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Car Air Freshener
Road Trip
Car Air Freshener