Free Shipping on Orders Over $30 Australia Wide
Free Shipping Over $30 Australia Wide

free shipping on orders over $30


“life is definitely better with those sweet smells in the kombi ✌🏼”


“I bought one of your packs a while ago and I absolutely loved it! Such a great strong scent that leaves my room smelling so good 🤤”

Emma Dymond

“love the look and smell.. everyone that has seen them wants them..”


“we absolutely love them. Troopy hasn’t smelled so delicious in a long time”


“Great idea no more buying plastic car fresheners”


“SERIOUSLY insane Sunglo balls with Tobacco + vanilla”


“I love your page and the idea of your product! How amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it 😍”


“LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS IDEA!!!! So smart and eco friendly 💛💛💛”


“ooh this is such a cool idea and I love the name lol 😂”


“you guys are so awesome! Such quick delivery. Thank you you are appreciated 😘”


“I love my smelly balls swinging in my EH Holden 😛”


“I ❤️ my smelly balls. 😀”


“smells soooo good!”


“GUYS!! We are so in love with your concept! 🤩 !”