Rasta Set

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Smelly Balls come un-scented together with a fragrance oil dropper, which allows you to control the intensity and longevity of the Smelly Balls!

Rasta Smelly Balls

4 Felt Balls with elasticated loop for easy hanging.

Fragrance Oil

7ml Oil Dropper, to control the intensity of fragrance.

  • Prepare a covered surface.
  • Apply desired amount of Smelly Ball Fragrance Oil to balls*
  • Allow to absorb, then hang.
  • Reapply oil when necessary.
  • *Avoid scenting white or glitter balls, as fragrance oil can discolour.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with any other surface, wipe spills immediately with a damp cloth.
  • For hanging only.

How To:

Step 1
Gently grab your unscented balls, prepare a covered surface.
Step 2
Locate your Smelly Balls Fragrance Oil. Take off his top.
Step 3
Drop desired amount of Oil onto your Balls. Don’t be shy.
Step 4
Let your Smelly Balls hang with pride. Allow to swing freely!